Taiwan Communist earn the power; you can kill ("Mean.Drew"- "People rule" must mean you the people must have all right to kill any candidate [So that to make sure only those who can see the po 濾桶int of view : "Every man and woman will die sooner or later, to die under one good gun shot is the most merciful way to 酒店打工leave." come out to run; so  that they can have the law makers to make law that once the candidate got shot not immediately die, can have 房地產anyone to give more shots to make sure that candidate can die the most available next seconds immediately.] who cannot please your ears and eyes; you can have the 售屋網best will and best skill to kill, you must be the greatest to make the decision who's the qualified candidate, anyone cannot qualify your eyes and ears, dare run, you must do your great ci 太平洋房屋tizen duty to kill that anyone; your police dare abuse police power to chase you, your Media and all college law school professor need to question that police chief how come your government can abuse government powe 景觀設計r to have your court to kill any defenseless powerless helpless civilian individual in their jail time? You need to question how come they allow any one hold your ROC passport to go to USA who is committed the worst killing crime in Afghan, 澎湖民宿 Iraq, and beyond? ) anyone who disagree withyour Communist idea to make sure only those who can be good enough to see your good idea point of view to be elected. American werewolves (You side with American werewolves lie, even super powerful 結婚 US military must die less worth than a shit. Not mention you sucking Taiwanese slaves.) murder your powerless helpless desperate voters darkly then have their dark side slaved to take over your people's ID to vote, you need to have the guts to kill thosesucking rich and 設計裝潢 famous cold cold hard shameless candidates slaved controlled by American werewolves to make sure none of them can have any chance to get any power money sex to eat your corruptions fats. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 太平洋房屋  .
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